“Deeba Jafri is one of a kind. She and I have worked closely together since 1992 and I have the utter most respect for her abilities as a direct response marketing pro. Deeba is particularly talented in coaxing writers, designers, and list brokers/managers to give her their best. She also brings solid insight into the creative process, knows everything about production and mailing, is a superb project manager  with a sensitivity to the bottom line.   Deeba knows what it takes to run a marketing campaign that  maximizes profit. The added benefit is that she is a joy and easy to work with. “
Rick Popowitz
President & CEO
Biocentric Health, Inc.

Deeba Jafri has been instrumental in driving the Nutri-Health direct mail business to a whole new level with her partnership approach to doing business.  In addition to managing the mail program – from list rentals to printers to copywriters and graphic designers – she works hand-in-hand with many internal departments, initiating cost-saving and time-saving ideas in customer service, contributing ideas and input to the new product development team, and coordinating closely with the finance department to ensure the most accurate forecasting possible in this business. She has been a pleasure to work with and a critical member of our Nutri-Health team!
Tracy King
President, Nutri-Health Supplements LLC

We were new to direct mail and Deeba Jafri has really shown us the light.  Our business outlook is astronomically improved because of her!!
Nathan Hamilton
Chairman and CEO
Juvenon, Inc

"I've known Deeba Jafri for 17 years. She was a smart marketer from day one and she knows a hundred times as much now as she did when I met her.  She's worked closely with direct mail superstars like Bill Bonner, Bob Kephart, Arthur Johnson and Mark Ford and now (among other things) she's in the business of creating giant supplement companies from scratch.  She knows the copywriters, the lists, the market, the printers and the mailers and she can put it all together for you.  You can't go wrong with Deeba."
Lee Euler

"Deeba is like a Grammy winning one woman band...for direct marketing!"

"By that I mean she can do it all--and do it all with excellence.  She can find the best copywriters, review copy, strategize offers, come up with the best mailing lists, work with graphic designers, get it printed and in the mail.  If you're looking for one person to all of that for you (or any of the key parts of a campaign), Deeba can do it.  She's been the secret behind some of the market's biggest mailings.  And she's a joy to work with, too.  I give her my highest recommendation."
Kent Komae,
11-time award-winning copywriter and consultant 

"Deeba Jafri is one of the sharpest marketing and positioning minds I've ever worked with.  For her clients, she is "The Man Behind The Curtain" because she puts her string of great people to work and saves you the headache of dealing with all of the details -- and when you start seeing money roll in the door you can concentrate on what you do best.  Because she's tested everything over 22 years, Deeba has a great knack for picking the two or three headlines out of 30 or 40 that produce a profitable control.  And she speaks the many languages of doctors, formulators, attorneys, production people, and all of the crazy creative people as well. Deeba's judgement is 99 percent dead-on -- which is key to profitability."
Susie Belttari
Direct Marketing Copywriting Superstar

I have known Deeba for over 14 years and knew her first as my boss.  She taught me the finer points in direct mail and because of that I was able to open my own business helping others.  She is without a doubt the most knowledgeable person in the industry and with a heart of gold to match.  I have seen firsthand what she can do for companies and it truly is amazing!
Kenny Salzman
President-TLC Communications

I’ve worked with Deeba Jafri for close to 5 years on numerous projects for my clients.

There are several things that make Deeba an exceptional addition to anyone’s marketing team, but first and foremost his her sincerity in caring about the clients success.

Everything is personal with Deeba and she only wants to win!  If you need a winning package, a winning strategy and a thorough and complete analysis about your business it’s prospects and a roadmap to success, then there is only one call to make and that is to Deeba Jafri.
David Klein
President/CEO – Macromark, Inc.

"I have had the opportunity to see Deeba's direct marketing expertise at work -- as both a colleague and a co-worker -- for more than a decade and I can say without hesitation that she is one of the brightest minds in the industry.  Her creativity, attention to detail and experience make her an extraordinary asset to any direct marketing program."
Jody Madron
Madron Marketing and Publishing

"I have worked with Deeba Jafri for more than 10 years, on quite a number of highly successful direct response campaigns. She is a consummate professional, a pleasure to work with and best of all, a consistent WINNER."
Arthur Johnson

As a copywriter, I have worked with Deeba Jafri for over 12 years. She has a masterful grasp on every aspect of the direct marketing business—from selecting lists, recommending positioning strategies and seeing the creative process through.

As a royalty writer, the volume of mail is crucial to me. In our last 4 projects, she tested small quantities for the client’s sake only to roll out in the hundreds of thousands, and in one case, in the millions. Out of those 4 projects, 3 became the new control for the client because of her involvement and exacting recommendations. In one case, she exceeded the past control by 178%. Needless to say, the client was elated.

Deeba is able to work with small initial budgets and turn them into large ones because of her high rate of success, whether it’s marketing an existing project or launching a new one. I’d feel quite fortunate to have her years of experience on my side if I did absolutely anything in direct marketing.
Peter Betuel
Peter Betuel and Associates Inc

I’ve been working in marketing for more than 25 years.  During the many projects on which I’ve partnered with Deeba I’ve come to learn that she’s that unique, treasured rarity in our business: Someone who has a comprehensive knowledge of newsletter marketing and is able to put that knowledge to work — with profitable results. From concept to writing to list selection to design to results analysis. . . she’s able and willing to provide strong, experienced insight and mature guidance for all phases of the marketing effort. She knows what to do and how to get it done.

As a copywriter, I appreciate Deeba’s uncanny ability to match me with projects that are best-suited to my individual creative talents. All writers (whether they’ll admit it or not) have strengths and weaknesses. And we all have unique voice(s). Deeba is able to maximize a promotion’s ROI by ensuring that the project’s writing is handled by a professional who’s chosen expressly because his or her talents are right for that particular job.

What’s more, although the many projects on which I’ve worked with Deeba are always driven by deadlines and the expectation of high quality, there’s never a sense of panic or counter-productive, last-minute rushing. Best of all, there’s always room for camaraderie and fun. And that’s the kind of atmosphere in which creativity thrives and great promotions are made.”
J.J. LaBine
Main Street WordWorks

With Deeba Jafri's industry expertise, she has become the perfect liason between writer and designer. No mixed signals here, when dealing with one of her direct marketing campaigns, all parties involved know exactly how to drive the point home. Deeba has what it takes to pull a winning package together. She is aware of the target audience, and knows just how to get them to respond. Working with a professional like Deeba makes my end of the job seem effortless — my design mirrors her marketing know-how. Together, we've created so many winning packages, that I've lost count!"
Stephanie Bozylinski
Designer, Cat Eye Creative

How do you "sum up" a relationship with someone who has taught you more about direct marketing than anyone you've ever worked with? That's my dilemma as I attempt to share with you the skills, knowledge and business acumen I've absorbed while working with Deeba.

I broke into direct marketing under Deeba at Agora Financial Publishing and have worked with her for more than a decade since then. During this time our relationship has been nothing short of fantastic. She's been a teacher, mentor and trusted sounding board for those times when I need a second opinion from someone I truly trust. From pre and post print production through developing and fine-tuning copy, she knows the business and industry inside and out.

Deeba's knowledge, energy and creativity are wonderful when trying to flush out a hard to determine USP or big idea. Her ideas are often, "why the heck didn't I think of that!" insightful - and I always seem to learn something new whenever I work with her. Yet she's also astute enough to spot and push through a great idea untouched when warranted. In my book, that is the sign of a great direct marketer. She's on the short list of people I'll call to consult with when I want to make myself look like a genius.
Daniel Reed
Professional Copywriter

"Whenever we write a new lead or package I want Deeba's input. I know she'll tell me what's good and what's bad about it, always with constructive suggestion. On the list side, she knows her stuff and can effectively plan large rollout mailings. She's a pleasure to work with, very detail and deadline oriented, and I truly value her direct marketing insight and knowledge. She's one in a million."
James DiGeorgia